Restylane Kysse®

Restylane Kysse uses XpresHAn Technology (like "expression") to enhance your natural beauty.

It's a flexible and supportive formulation that has the ability to integrate with your tissue. So it becomes one with your lips, whether you're negotiating business-or bedtime.

Natural-looking volume
96% of subjects said their lips looked natural.
And most had improved lip texture, too!

Kysse-able softness
100% of clinical study patients said Restylane Kysse improved the appearance of thier lips. 

Long-lasting lips
Results that last up to 1 year, so you can keep telling your story beautifully.

Less product, same results
A lower amount of Restylane Kysse (1.82ml) was needed to show an improvement in lip fullness compared to Juvederm Volbella (2.24ml)

A little Kysse goes a long way.