Laser Jowl Lift

As many people age, the neck area starts to droop, and the jowls begin to form unwanted fatty tissue under the chin and around the neck.

Previously, the only way to adequately address age-related changes in the lower face and neck was through traditional surgical procedures that required use of a scalpel, incisions, stitches, and some a level of risk along with prolonged downtime.

Using today’s precision lasers, the Laser Jowl Lift can produce remarkable results. Improvement in your appearance can be dramatic, with tightening and reshaping of the skin and lower face to give you a more defined jaw line, natural neckline and younger appearance.

The Laser Jowl Lift is a remarkable, technological breakthrough and provides outstanding results, reducing many signs of aging including:

  • sagging skin
  • double chin
  • loss of jawline definition

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laser jowl lift