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What is Smartlipo™?
Smartlipo™ is a revolutionary new procedure that uses a laser to vaporize localized fat. The laser is introduced through a tiny incision into the treatment area. The incision is so small that no stitches are required and there are no scars. Patients are given a local anesthetic and stay awake throughout the short procedure. The laser provides the additional benefit of tightening the surrounding skin.

How is Smartlipo™ liposcution performed? 
A very small cannula, similar in size to angel-hair pasta containing a laser fiber is inserted under the skin. The cannula is gently moved back and forth delivering the laser's energy to the fat cells, causing them to melt and easily drain away. The laser energy also interacts with the dermis causing the collagen to shrink and the skin to tighten. The laser causes small blood vessels to coagulate immediately on contact so there is less bleeding, swelling and bruising, and a quicker recovery time than conventional liposuction. Because general anesthesia is unnecessary, the procedure is very safe with minimal side effects. 

Who is a good candidate for the procedure? 
If you have areas of fat that will not respond to diet and exercise, then you may be a suitable candidate for Smartlipo™. Ideal candidates are in good health, of normal body weight and have realistic expectations of final results. 

What body areas can be treated with Smartlipo™?
Smartlipo™ is particularly suited to treating small areas of the face, neck, arms, abdomen, thighs, and areas of loose and flabby skin including cellulite. 

How many treatment sessions are required? 
Generally, most patients, typically only require a single treatment. The treatment session will usually be of between 45-90 minutes for each area requiring treatment. Larger areas, such as the abdomen, buttocks and saddlebags may require further sessions after 8 - 12 weeks. 

What will I have to do following the procedure? 
Following the procedure, we will provide a compression garment to wear for several days. Strenuous exercise should be avoided for a period of 1 week. Power showers and massage should be avoided for a period of 10 days. 

Will Smartlipo™ improve cellulite? 
The procedure will improve the body's shape and contour and smooth the appearance of cellulite. 

How long will I have to wait to see results? 
Results can be seen immediately with some continued improvement over several months, as the body absorbs the melted fat cells that may not have been fully aspirated. 

Are the results permanent? 
The number of fat cells present in adults is relatively stable, as adults do not create new fat cells. When a person gains weight, the fat cells merely expand in size. Smartlipo™ permanently removes the fat cells. Any future weight gain of fatty tissue should be deposited in areas where the procedure was not performed. 

How do I get started with Smartlipo™?
To find out more about Smartlipo™ and to discuss your individual requirements with Dr. Michele Finley, please contact us.